A Moment of 2014 a Hope for 2015

In New Mexico there is a place called Philmont. I was visiting there when I ran into my friend Scott Soroles , if you don’t know who he is he’s the National Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America. He asked me to come with him to the extremely amusing Graduation( at Philmont they also teach Commissioners all the new regulations and rules.) on the Philmont hiking stage. Of course I said yes! While on stage we did a hilarious skit but at the very end he asked me to be his personal staff at the WORLD JAMBOREE. I couldn’t contain my excitment! So I anticipate 2019 when it is held. In 2015 I anticipate the opening of the OTR (Ocelots in Texas Renewal) habitat that ¬†others and I helped build and support will be opened to the public. We added a man made lake and waterfall that pumps pure, fresh Texan water,a forest that has progress cameras hidden in it. It took ages to set it up so now everyone can see the original inhabitins of Texas.

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