Willow Creek Home


IMG_0035[1]We are still reading Willow Creek Home. In chapter two seven men meet at Papa’s cabin in early evening. They decide to get the Verein’s attention by bringing along clubs to get their food. They left at dawn the next morning, clubs in hand, heading to New Braunfels to get their share of the food.

Willow Creek Home

IMG_0033[1]We are reading Willow Creek  Home.  It’s about a family that moves from Germany to Texas. In chapter one there was a drought and Mina and Papa are concerned about starving to death. It is the middle of summer with temps over 100 degrees. One day while Papa and Mina were picking corn Herr Kauffman comes with news. He tells  Ernst that Herr Bader has seen a storage room filled with food in New Braunfels.

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Did you know that gray wolves are omnivores or that there can be 20 members in a pack? Amazing! You know how a preisdent

has power over us ? An alpha is like the preisdent. Also, wolves are the best parents! That’s all for now!

I found this information at (facts4me.com)


Deposition by Robert Early

My picture is about the hill by side my school. I bet you’re wondering “What’s so special about a hill?”. What’s special about this hill is that it’s gone through Deposition. If you’re wondering what Deposition is I’ll tell you. Deposition is when It rains on a hill some of the dirt might turn to mud and slides down and slides down the hill to the bottom of the hill and hardens to make soil. This is happening by side my school.


Fuzzymabo’s Weird Life by Robert Early

There is a creature named Fuzzymabo.He’s called Fuzzymabo because he’s really fuzzy.One day a boobo was yelling”ogha cockoloo ug uh!”. Then spit on Fuzzymabo’s face. Fuzzymabo was so mad that he went home. The next day he saw another fuzzy creature. Her name was Fuzzymaboette. He fell madly in love with her. They dated for 3 years.  Then they married each other. They had a handsome little boy.He had everything he ever wanted. But he remembered  the preacher and that he was the boobo that spit in his face! Ever since then they’ve been good friends.

The End

Lesson: forgive your  greatest enemies

The Recess Monster

Never  go to recess again because the recess monster’s going to get you!

His hair is wood chips

His left grabber is a swing  so he can get kids that are far away

His right grabber is a pole

His trunk is a basket ball court

His mouth is a wobbly board

His peepers are kick balls

His melon is a basket ball goal

His eyebrows are benches

His only base is a see saw

If he ever wants to fly he turns on a merry- go-round and a turning thing

His left leg is a wiggly thing

His right leg is a robe climb

I hate recess now!