Tour of Mexico Project

In Spanish class, we researched a lot about Mexico. We found the population of some important cities and the states where our book, Pobre Ana, takes place. Then, we found ten places in Mexico where we would like to travel to. We did this because it taught us about Mexico’s geography and culture, as well as gave us insight into the book we are reading. I learned lots of things, like for example, I learned that Mexico has states from the work we did on the map. I also learned that Mexico has a lot of beautiful National Parks and that it’s geography is a lot more than just beaches and desert. The research I did also solidified in my mind that Mexico isn’t as poverty-ridden as the media claims it to be.  I was surprised to see that Mexico has dolphins. Because of this, one of the items I chose was to Swim with the Dolphins in Nayarit. Another one I chose was Pico de Orizaba National Park because it has a beautiful mountain, and I was surprised to see one in Mexico.